How Accessibility Testing of Website Helps to Reach Target Audience?

You want your business website/mobile app to reach the target audience to create an impact and increase sales. Isn’t that every enterprise wants to achieve? Yes, it is. In this competitive race of meeting customer’s requirements at large, sometimes enterprises forget who actually is the targetted user base. Of course, it is the tech-savvy people who see you as a reliable brand, find your products/services relevant, and buy from you whenever needed. For them, you build an interactive, feature-rich, and intuitive website showcasing a wide range of product offerings and meet their requirements. On the other side, people who are disabled having vision or hearing disabilities, or having cognitive impairments also come under your customer list. For them also, you need to create a feasible website meeting their diverse and special needs as well. So, how would you realize that your application is also meant for disabling customers? It is through an accessibility testing service. It is one of the testing types that focuses on major functional, UX, and feature elements of an app to be used by people having visual, physical, speech, auditory, cognitive, language, or any other deformity.

In this blog, our focus will be on the following:

* What is Accessibility Testing?

* Why Do you Need it?

* How to Perform It?

* Top Benefits

* Tools Used

What is Accessibility Testing?

Accessibility testing is one of the usability testing types. It helps to know whether a website or application can be accessed by disabled people or not. This testing type ensures the fact that an application reaches anyone having a need to access and get benefit from it.

One of the most important parts of eCommerce testing services that help enterprises to know whether people with disability can access and buy products from them.

In the simplest way, accessibility testing conducts a test scenario under which you will get to know:

* User interface and information on the app must be presentable to tech-savvy lovers of all types.

* Whether the UI and navigation flow of the website is appropriate or not.

* The content should be user-friendly and accessible to people of all types.

* Robust UI that should be accessible on any device including smartphone, tablet, desktop, and laptop.

Why Do you Need It?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 15% of the population have a disability of some kind. And, for this reason, conducting disability testing is important for your enterprise.

Just admit the fact that innovative mobile applications and websites should be accessible to all, without any difference in status, skills, etc. Therefore, technological products are also meant for people suffering from disabilities of any kind. They must be aware of different sets of technologies like screen magnification, voice recognition, screen readers, special keyboards, and more.

How to Perform Accessibility Testing?

There are mainly three ways to conduct accessibility testing by a leading and reliable software testing company of any reach.

* It involves a manual examination of individual pages of the website/application.

* Testing of product searches and online form submissions.

* Automated form of accessibility testing.

Top Benefits of Accessibility Test of a Website/Application

1. Increase Website Market Share: By initiating the process of accessibility testing, you make your website accessible to a large scale of audience, including people with disabilities. As a result, the website receives widespread traction and an increase in web traffic.

2. Enrich the Brand Image: Website accessibility is not confined to make it readily available for everyone. It also ensures meeting various requirements of customers looking for a viable solution present on your website.

3. Get Accurate Search Results: If you opt for this testing process, then you will create rich content. It helps the search engine to give first preference to the content-rich website and brings accurate results.

4. Create a Website for the Society: In a way, you have created your website or application accessible to all, irrespective of people having a disability. It is the way to check a website’s usage and makes it ready for people with special needs.

5. Avoid Legal Complications: It is mandatory in several countries that a business website must meet the widespread requirements of all sorts of users including disabled ones. In case you forget that then you might have to face legal consequences.

What All Tools are Used in Testing the Accessibility of a Website?

There is a long list of automated website accessibility testing tools that you can refer to and ensure an engaging website.

* Automated Accessibility Testing Tool (AATT)

* Web Accessibility Checker

* Apple’s Accessibility API

* Google’s Accessibility Test Framework for Android (GATF)

* Color Contrast Analyser

* DOM Inspector

* AChecker

* Pay11y

Final Note

It is important to make accessibility testing an important part of your app/website testing process. Doing this helps to improve the accessibility and usage of the application for people of all types including disabled individuals. Also, seamless accessibility of an application results in improved user experience, maximum conversions, and an increase in sales patterns. So, without any further adieu, get in touch with TestingAgency to know more and avail accessibility testing services.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Accessibility Testing is Important for our Website?

Accessibility Testing is directly proportional to the brand’s reach wide across the targetted customer base, maximum conversions, and increase in ROI. In short, this testing type helps to know whether an application meets the requirements of people with disabilities or not.

2. What Sort of Challenges that Accessibility Testing Address?

Yes, there are challenges that accessibility testing tries to overcome.

* Vision Disability

* Literacy Disability

* Hearing Disability

* Physical Disability

* Cognitive Disability

3. Is It Possible to Automate Accessibility Testing?

Yes, accessibility testing can be automated using a specialized set of tools and functionalities. You can rely on our expert and certified testing agents to carry out detailed and result-oriented accessibility tests.