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Delivering Functional Testing for enhanced quality and quick market space

An enhanced customer experience acts as a crucial step for a successful pillar for enterprises. And during the overall process, an enterprise needs to fully focus on delivering end-to-end functional and non-functional testing. Like, for example, regression and performance testing) for the overall mobile, web, eCommerce applications for a lot of enterprise solutions like, CRM, ERP, and more.

Testing Agency delivers automated Functional Testing services that make sure of the overall checks and validation of the entire apps for the overall global enterprises. Our software functional testing services fully focus on testing applications against all related specifications and gathering the end user affirmation for smooth and enhanced functionality.

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What Do We Provide in Functional Testing Services?

Functional testing is carried out to specify the specialization of the app knowing the customers’ needs and overall functionality of the app. At Testing Agency, you can get effective functional testing services making sure that to meet your overall requirements. We make sure to provide an app checked with a lot of barricades. On various platforms, including mobile, cloud, desktops, and websites.

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System Testing

We deliver system testing services as an integral part and oversee the entire system by overseeing its performance.

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Regression Testing

We carry out this testing to check your overall performance to validate the overall code and configuration shifts.

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Integration Testing

We take guarantee to provide an app that functions seamlessly in each sort of environment.

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Smoke Testing

This testing is considered as a build testing that oversees the overall performance of the application at the beginning stage.

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Exploratory Testing

It’s a test related to knowing the app’s structure, entire text implementation, and intelligence.

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Usability Testing

With usability testing, you can enhance the overall usability of the application as it delivers seamless performance on a lot of systems.

Our Robust Functional Testing Solutions Curated for You

Our experienced and enhanced testing teams are experts in delivering specialized in delivering enhanced QA services and overall functional testing around various platforms and apps. Our well-customized testing approach and overall cost-effective solutions and curated to deliver bug free software which makes us distinctive.


Unit Testing

Testing the minimalist piece of code or module as an unconventional entity. For this, programming and code knowledge is paramount.


Smoke Testing

Migrating the code over the testing space and making sure of its overall environment and making sure of the stability of the overall applications.


Sanity Testing

The focus here is to check if the bugs are properly fixed after the development. This way we make sure to provide paramount solution to clients.


Integration Testing

It's about merging the modules with each other and testing at the same time. And there are different ways to do it, but the overall goal is to check whether it's working well or not.


User Interface Testing

Known for its Graphical Interface, it's a mechanism for testing the front end of the app. It means testing the overall look and the feel of the page.


Ad-Hoc/Gorilla Testing

As per the name, the main aim is to find bugs or break the application via random input or checks.

Client Success Stories

case story

Web App Development & Automation Testing to Streamline Trading Operations

Our client, is a finance startup that focus on creating bespoke supply chain financing products for corporate and converts them into tradable capital market instruments. The web app is a virtual trading platform that increases self-financing and earnings for an extensive range of businesses. In light of this critical situation, the client decided to seek to work with an outside partner that has specialized expertise in software automation testing.

case story

Penetration Testing of Connected Car Mobile Apps

Our client, one of the India’s biggest automotive brand, operates dozens of manufacturing units across Asia. Their production workforce has over 25k people. Our client’s vehicle range includes of every kind, size, and purpose. The automotive industry has seen a very limited innovative technologies. The IoT-based connected car is the one to consider. They were looking for a technology partner to get their mobile app tested and secure from possible hacks. With years of diverse experience in the cybersecurity domain, OrangeMantra was a good fit.

case story

Building India’s First Tech-Powered, Affordable Diabetes Management Platform

Our Client, BeatMySugar, is India’s unique diabetes management platform with a vision to bridge this gap by curating a comprehensive knowledge share matrix. The novel idea was stratified into a three-step process; first, end-customer engagement model through diabetes education, followed by doctor consultation, and eventually, a telemedicine service as a transaction solution to customers. They partnered with OrangeMantra team to build a comprehensive diabetes knowledge-sharing platform. In addition, establish BeatMySugar as a visually enriched interactive platform and integrate doctor consultation and telemedicine modules simultaneously.

Industries We Serve

As a top-notch functional testing company, we deliver services in various industries like:   

Energy and Mining  
Food and Beverages
Media & Entertainment   
Real Estate  
Professional Services

Technology Stack: Look Out for the Technical Expertise That We Incorporate for the Functional Testing

We use the most prominent level of tools to check the overall flow:

  • Languages

  • mariaDB JavaScript
  • Tech IconsJava
  • Tech IconsPython
  • Tech Icons C#
  • Tech Icons SQL
  • Tools

  • Tech Icons Git
  • Tech Icons Jenkins
  • Tech Icons Docker
  • Tech Icons VS Code
  • Tech Icons Postman
  • Frameworks

  • Tech Icons React.js
  • Tech Icons Angular
  • Tech Icons Spring Boot
  • Tech Icons Express.js
  • Tech Icons Django
  • Databases

  • Tech Icons MySQL
  • Tech Icons PostgreSQL
  • Tech Icons MongoDB
  • Tech Icons SQLite
  • Tech Icons Redis

Why Choose Testing Agency for Functional Testing Solutions

Wide Experience

We have expert team members of QA professional with extensive knowledge in Agile (Scrum/Kanban), CI/CD and many more.

Professional Tester

Our testers are skilled in checking various functionality of software products related to many fields for communication and technology.

Cost Friendly

Deliver cost-effective solutions for high level of productivity and low maintenance.

Test Efficiency

Incorporating industry's best tools which can allow you to use industry leading tools which allow us to stick as per your business needs.

Providing Perks

We deliver a higher level of ROI via automation tools and framework.


We deliver proper 24*7 Support, and customizable platform to test your entire applications.

What Our Clients Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Functional testing is crucial for checking the overall quality and the functionality of the software. Via software testing technique, checking the quality assurance the team checks the overall software functionality depending on the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) makes sure the overall system works as per the user needs.
One can opt for Apply Test Automation strategically, it's the most effective way to use the software tools. And effective test automation is one of the prime reasons for successful functional testing. The automated tests utilize software tools to carry predefined test cases and compare the results as per the outcomes, this way it can enhance the speed and overall reliability.
One of the main challenges of functional testing is commencing with insufficient needs which can lead you to the path of confusion, mislead the developers, and testers.
The overall goal of the functional testing is to check the problems present in the system's features, overall capabilities, and the needed interactions with various components. It means testing the needed software's input and output, overall data manipulation and checking the functionality under a lot of scenarios.
Functional testing is a form of automated testing that knows how applications work, or, in simple terms, its overall functional testing is incorporated by the entire team of testers.