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As the users’ needs are dynamic, their demands related to software keep on changing rapidly. Incorporating frequent changes and enhancements has become imperative for the success of any software or application. However, every time some modifications or enhancements are brought into any software, there are higher chances of encountering unforeseen consequences. Changes in the database or latest OS updates, bug fixes, integrations, deployment configurations, patches, functionality enhancements, user interface, and so on require Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD). Therefore, Continuous Testing (CT) practices should be employed to make sure that these changes do not break or disrupt the other unassociated parts of existing software.

Regression testing is a reliable CT practice that emphasizes re-performing both functional and non-functional tests on software. Following this practice makes sure that the software keeps on performing the way it used to before making any changes. For running an effective regression testing, it is important for enterprises and organizations to invest in reliable automated regression testing services.

Our systematic approach to regression testing, ensuring minimum disruption and costs, makes us the best Regression Testing Company in India for our global clients. We offer a complete suite of automated regression testing services that ensure that the modifications and enhancements to your application do not cause any unanticipated impact on the present quality of the application. Our regression testing services and solutions aim to deliver results that are as per the initial plan. We have an expert team of software testers that completely understands and conducts impact analysis of the changes that are made to applications and the test environment.


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Our Approach to Regression Testing

Having a systematic and well-defined methodology for regression testing can prevent any costly misses that may be found in the customers. Being acknowledged as the best regression testing company in India by our global clients, we follow an approach that ensures that there are no defects and the existing functionalities of the application work optimally. Our regression testing approach follows:

All inclusive strategy
An all-inclusive strategy

We implement a combination of API testing, manual testing, automated testing, unit testing, and UI testing.

Complete traceability matrix
Complete traceability matrix

We create outlines of the requirements and test cases.

Dependency analysis
Dependency analysis

We perform dependency analysis between test cases and requirements.

Change reports
Change reports

We deliver change reports that reveal issues between the current and the previous release.

Software release specific regression
Software release-specific regression test pack

We create a regression test pack that is specific to software releases.

Comprehensive risk based analysis
Comprehensive risk-based analysis

We deliver Pareto analysis, results from code coverage reports, FMEA, and more.

Constant pruning
Constant pruning

We constantly prune regression test packs by eliminating the test cases that are not required anymore and including additional test cases.

Our Regression Testing Methodology

As a leading Regression Testing company, we aim at delivering top-class regression testing services to ensure that the application is free from any kind of bug or technical glitch and performs as it is supposed to. Our regression testing methodology utilizes the expertise of our software testers and best practices to offer complete coverage of functional specifications. Our team of test experts has years of rich experience in performing testing in multiple software lifecycles models such as waterfall, agile, DevOps, and more.

Our regression testing services are customized to fit our client’s lifecycle model and environment to provide smooth integration with the teams for new, legacy software.

  • Analyzes impact and assesses test preparedness.
  • Outlines test data for both positive and negative testing.
  • Creates functional test cases and classifies test data.
  • Implements regression suite and reports implementation status.
  • Outlines, plans, and approximates quality gate.
  • Comprehensively reviews requirements and prioritizes functionalities.
  • Maintains and handles the defect lifecycle
  • Publishes go or no-go panel for the current release.
  • Helps business teams in performing business acceptance testing.
  • Provides support to help teams deal with defect reproduction.
  • Creates traceability matrix between test cases and the requirements
Our End-to-End Regression Testing Services

Being a reliable regression testing company, we employ an iterative method to test different aspects of the updated software application. We utilize the skills of our software testers to functionally determine when to lay off testing after detecting all risks. We also implement a basic way to foster the releases of systems under test (SUT). We implement testing methods early in the development process which helps us in dealing with discrepancies that might appear in the software. Our regression testing services include:

  • Software Regression Testing
  • System Integration Regression Testing
  • Functional Regression Testing
  • Automated Regression Testing
  • End-to-End Software Regression Testing
  • Corrective and Progressive Testing
  • Regression Test Case Management
  • Dependency-based Test Integration and Sequencing
  • Comprehensive Change and Issue Reporting
  • Test Prioritization and Tracking
  • Release-specific Regression Test Packs
  • Risk-based Analysis
  • Automated UI Test Execution
Top Reasons to Opt for Automated Regression Testing Services

Here are the major reasons why enterprises should opt for automated regression testing services for their application testing.

  • Multi-platform automation
  • Risk-based regression
  • Simultaneous execution which saves lot of time
  • Quick functionality coverage with Unit and API tests
  • Faster performance impact analysis
  • Continuous Testing practices
Top Reasons Regression Testing Services
What Makes Us the Best Regression Testing Company in India?

Our clients acknowledge us as the best regression testing company in India for availing of automated regression testing services. Here are the main reasons that make us unique in regression testing services:

Best Regression Testing Company
  • Rich Years of Experience
  • Team of Professional Testers
  • Unique Approach
  • Use of Cutting-edge Testing Tools
  • Qualitative Regression Testing
  • Proven Track Record of Timely Project Delivery
Frequently Asked Questions
Regression testing is used to check if a code change in the software application does not affect the existing functionality of the product. This ensures that the software works optimally with new functionality, bug fixes, or any change in the existing feature.

The different types of regression testing are

  • Corrective Regression Testing
  • Selective Regression Testing
  • Complete Regression Testing
  • Retest-all Regression Testing
  • Unit Regression Testing
  • Progressive Regression Testing
  • Progressive Regression Testing
  • Want to know more about regression testing? Get in touch with our testing experts.

Some of the tools used for regression testing include:
  • Winrunner
  • Regression Tester
  • QTP
  • Selenium
  • actiWate
  • AdventNet QEngine
  • vTest
  • Watir

The main goals of regression testing include re-testing the changed components and then checking their impact on existing components. Regression testing is performed at various levels – unit, functional, integration, and system.

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