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Localization process makes a product or an application adaptable to meet the users cultural, lingual & geographical requirements. Localization helps create more business opportunities for organizations. Localization testing, aims at making websites, applications and other software linguistically appropriate. This testing checks whether the features and aspects of an application are meeting the linguistic & cultural aspects of a user region. This includes change in application interface and other features according to the user requirements.

We offer perfect localization testing services for both web and mobile applications. With us you can target markets all across the globe and offer up to date user experience. We have a team of highly experienced and talented localization testers, who work dedicatedly to meet the requirements of the global clients in their respective culture. Apart from testing, we ensure that the application comply with the locale features and meets the expectations of the local audience. From diverse requirements to translation & localization, our testing methodology tests every aspect of the application.

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Our Prominent Localization Testing Services

Our experienced localization tester’s team conducts localization testing with effective & robust strategies. The solutions offered are highly innovative & appropriate. To achieve accurate results, all the key parameters of localization testing are followed, including Testing Scope, Test Case Development, Test Case Management, Role of Automation, Mobile Apps Localization Testing and Defect Reporting. The various localization testing services offered by us are:

Linguistic Testing

We help you offer error-free language and perfect local version content of your software to the users. Our services ensure that your users get a mesmerizing experience and the software is perfect among all cultures.

Website Localization

Our localization testers ensure that your websites are linguistically and culturally perfect with right elements related to the keyboard usage, time and date.

Translation Testing

We have a team of linguistic experts and other tools to ensure your users receive hassle-free translations and localized content for optimized experience.

Document Localization

We help remove unpleasant texts, colors, symbols, political leanings to ensure that the content is appealing and culturally compatible with the target audience.

Cosmetic Testing

This testing ensures that your application GUI is free of any misalignment, truncation, and different layout issues. Our team holds responsibility to fix the cosmetic bugs.

Functional Testing

We apply data-driven approach to test automation for functional, and performance testing. We also carry out backend testing for delivering high-quality and efficient mobile app, for timely release. Our team ensures compatibility with the target audience environment standards and checks all aspects including the menu, fonts, text style, time-zone, currency and graphics.

Why Choose Our Localization Testing Services?
  • We have a dedicated and skilled team of testers with in-depth knowledge of end to end localization testing.
  • Ensures the software localization along with its internationalization.
  • Our experts offer localization testing services for both web & mobile apps.
  • Our Linguistic tools used by experts translate content into multiple languages and adeptness as per the target audience.
  • We offer the benefit of in-house as well as remote testing as per your convenience and comfort.
  • We implement the localization testing as per the customer’s specific requirements.
  • Our testers build real life test conditions using localized software.
  • To optimize the costs and lower the testing time, we implement test automation approach.
  • Our tester’s expertise makes even the complex tasks simple and hassles free.
  • With us ensure high ROI in terms of quality & satisfaction.
Localization Testing Services
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Frequently Asked Questions
Localization testing is quality assurance testing that evaluate the product adaptability with your target linguistic and cultural standpoint. It mainly focuses on the application functionality, appearance and quality of language.
The major problems are related to the language. It often refers to the translation mistakes and content may not be grammatically correct, or adapted to the context. Whether your application’s content consists of numerous paragraphs, single sentences or split words, it should be thoroughly evaluated.
Launching a product having a huge number of grammatical and functional errors may impact your users’ experience and make a bad image of your company ultimately resulting into business loss.
To make sure the application matches the users’ expectations, localization cannot be done only on the translation. It needs to be logical as well as intuitive and technically sound.
Localization testing is done once the application is ready for the world to see. This means that the content is completely translated into another language with proper technical changes.

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