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Load Testing Services

Businesses rely on applications & software to serve the mission-critical purpose of meeting client’s needs. Thus, the effective functioning of software to a maximum level has prime importance. To ensure the optimum utilization of a system and takes up the load at its peak needs to be tested with Load Testing Services. It is required to check the software functionality to withstand the stress & avoid downtimes.

We at TestingAgency, perform well-functional software testing for clients belonging to diverse industries. Our extensive team of testing experts and engineers has hands-on years of experience in testing business software and mobile application at different stages using specialized tools. Rely on our regulated and cost-effective process of testing the website’s load at various levels and provide the finished product with minimal risk.

Load Testing Services
What is a Load Testing Service?

The loading time of a business website or mobile application plays a vital role in managing the overall engagement rate. Fast loading pages help to transform users into potential customers at large. We at TestingAgency, behold the responsibility of testing websites and software of clients through a strategic loading test plan.

Our team of load testers thoroughly checks the fundamental parameters of a website based on factors like memory pages per second, transmission capacity, hits per second, and so on.

We also check and determine software performance and functional capability during peak traffic time. It helps to identify the technical flaws and fix up the same to improve software functioning and usability.

Why Do You Need Load Service Service?

Checking the load strength and engagement potential of a website to behold visitors and clients, is important to engage more and more users.

Avail of highly professional load testing service to know the speed, agility, scalability, versatility, and overall functionality of a business website. With us, fix the underlying flaws, bugs, and errors to enhance the functional approach and meet business objectives in a hassle-free manner.

Wide Range of Load Testing Services

We at TestingAgency perform a detailed load testing process to enrich the loading efficiency of the software. Here, we perform different types of load testing for software to make it performance-ready.

Wide Range of Load Testing Services
  • Classic Load Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Capacity Testing
  • Soak Testing
Load Testing Process & Methodology

At TestingAgency, our load testing professionals carry out a strategic load testing process under controlled conditions.


At first, we prepare a plan for testing the loading performance of a website/software.

Work Load Model
Work Load Model

Our team of testers will create a detailed work model to conduct several tests as per the regulation.

Workload Profile
Workload Profile

Key load testing scenarios are identified and distributed among expert testing agents.

Metrics Identification
Metrics Identification

Identification of test metrics is an important stage to study the performance against the objectives.


Different test designs are created to identify each module, user type, success rate, and other factors.


Testing agents make the best use of specialized testing tools to perform different levels of testing as per the plan.

Mitigation of Risk
Mitigation of Risk

Risk mitigation is an important factor taken into consideration to measure possible risks and nullify the same.


In the final stage of software load testing, an analysis report is created and shared with the client.

List of Our Load Testing Tools

To check and improve the loading capacity of software, we use a specific set of technically advanced tools.

Benefits of Software Load Testing Service

Outsource load testing services to understand the peak performance of a business software along with several benefits.

Step 1: Cost-Effectiveness
  • Save time, cost, and effort
  • Increase the working efficiency of a website
Step 2: Flexibility
  • Customized load testing packages
  • Complete engagement of testers at different stages
Step 3: Get Robust Product
  • Hire certified testers to acquire a scalable website/software
  • Faster production and early release
Step 4: Quality Assurance
  • Highest level of load testing quality commitment
  • Continous development at various stages
Step 5:Regular Updates
  • Updates from start to finish
  • Close-eye on all details
Why Rely on Us?

Looking for software load testing services? TestingAgency offers pioneer load testing assistance at different levels. We are trusted helping hands for your project to become bug & error-free. To grow your brand to an optimum level, get the reliable assistance of our industry-led experts that are aware of high-tech load testing tools and technicalities

  • Experienced load testing agents
  • Years of expertise in diverse industrial verticals
  • Real-time traffic update in each load testing stage
  • Quality load testing at a minimal cost
Rely on Us
Frequently Asked Questions
Load testing is a subset of performance testing. Under this, the system’s performance under an anticipated load condition is measured and analyzed. The objective of the service is to ascertain how an application behaves when multiple users accessing it at the same time.
The ideal example would be checking the functionality of a mobile application when multiple users accessing the same. The load test defines whether the app can handle peak traffic and performs well under stressful conditions or not.
You will be needing load testing services to define the maximum operating capacity of your website, how much load it can handle, what support it requires during the peak time, detect underlying errors & bugs, and calculate the cost of downtime.

Looking forward to availing of Load Testing Services at a cost-effective price?