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Strategic Security Testing Services

There is a rapid increase in data breaches, information loss, unauthorized access, and hacking systems. Enterprises are facing challenges due to such cyber vulnerabilities that led to serious legal repercussions and loss of customer’ trust. Thus, to maintain business continuity at all levels, enterprises need robust security testing services.

Here at TestingAgency, we offer end-to-end application security testing services to safeguard your website, software, & apps. We have an extensive team of security experts with direct access to the latest technologies & tools. Further, we ensure complete protection & rigorous testing of your applications against possible threats.

Security Testing
Why Do you Need Security Testing?

We are here to offer high-end security testing service to large, medium to small enterprises because of the following reasons:

high end security testing service
  • Prevent the loss of organizational data
  • Avoid losing customer trust
  • Stop any kind of data security leakage
  • Prevent information theft
  • Safety against unexpected system breakdown

On-Demand Software Security Testing Services

Offering security testing in software testing is our highest priority. We offer a gamut of testing services for the successful functioning of business applications and websites. Under our portfolio, we offer a wide range of cybersecurity testing services mentioned below

Penetration Testing

Our security testing engineers conduct vulnerability inspection in your IT infrastructure to find possible threats. We use specialized security testing tools to assess security loopholes.

Cloud Security Testing

We conduct a thorough investigation of the organizational Cloud environment to find and mitigate the security risk. Further, our experts consult on Cloud Migration projects.

Security Compliance

The team of certified security experts conducts automated and manual assessments of the current IT environment. This is to ensure business enterprises comply with mandatory security guidelines.

Secure Code Review

We combine automated security check techniques with a manual approach to assess a company’s source code. The is aim to determine any possible security weaknesses or flaws in code.

Application Security Testing

We combine static and dynamic mobile applications testing approaches to discover vulnerabilities. A thorough security check of both Android & iOS apps along with their back-end components.

Security Consulting

Our experienced team of security experts consults with you to understand the current data threat requirements. We comply with the latest methodologies and utilize high-tech tools to fill the gaps.

Our Software Testing Methodology

To provide a holistic approach to testing software and applications, we follow a strategic testing methodology. The purpose is to find possible security weaknesses and vulnerabilities in business applications & to deliver custom quality security service.

Define the Objective
Define the Objective

At the first stage of the application security testing process, a clear objective is defined as per the client’s requirements. Open communication flows between the client and the security testing team to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Collecting Information
Collecting Information

The 2nd stage comes with collecting as much information from the business enterprise by using high-end tools and techniques. The data collection process is responsible for evaluating the risk potential with software or app.

Enumerate a List
Enumerate a List

Listing is a crucial stage for discovering any security threats or risks while looking at separate information sectors. The accumulated data is exploited to find out any conceivable assault and curbs the same at a later stage.

Secure & Penetrate
Secure & Penetrate

In this stage, the client will get a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the detailed security findings by security experts. The report comprises major highlights related to security weaknesses.


In this stage, the client will get a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the detailed security findings by security experts. The report comprises major highlights related to security weaknesses.

Final Discussion & Remediation
Final Discussion & Remediation

Once the detailed assessment report is approved, then comes this stage of removing comprehensive threat possibilities. Under this, all the vulnerabilities are fixed accordingly to secure the software or application of the client.

Popular Security Testing Tools

TestingAgency has years of experience in understanding the security testing requirements of clients & meeting the same. With the help of extensive security testing tools and industry best practices, we enhance your application security to the utmost level. Here is the list of security testing tools with us:

Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP)

Multi-platform and open-source web application testing tool.

  • Major Highlights: Automatic Scanning, Rest-Based API, Authentication Support

Brute-forcing open-source web application security testing tool

  • Major Highlights: Cooking Fuzzing, Multi-threading, Support for Authentication

Automated website security testing tool for finding vulnerabilities.

  • Major Highlights: Robust Detection, Automation Process, User-Friendly

An open-source penetration testing tool for a web application.

  • Major Highlight: Instantly deployable, High-performance, Multi-platform.
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Why Choose Us for Security Testing Services?

TestingAgency is a thought leader in the field of quality security testing services. We set new standards and expectations of diverse enterprises & industries to scale up high-security infrastructure. Here we have a few reasons to choose us as your ideal security testing partner.

  • Extensive team of certified testing engineers
  • Years of expertise & proven track record
  • Long-list of successful client’s portfolio
  • Adhere to industry security testing standards
  • Availability of robust testing tools
  • Tailored security plan
quality security testing services
Frequently Asked Questions
A security testing service is taking the technical assistance of an organization to find possible data leakage and third-party intrusion threats. The purpose of the service is to protect highly valuable business information including crucial data and customer information.
The cost of hiring a security testing service is solely based on diverse business requirements. The diversification in your business website, software, or application is assessed before deciding the final price.
Speaking of organizational data security, preventing cybercrime, and loss or theft of information makes it relevant to avail security testing service. TestingAgency is the single best testing partner for any size of enterprise and finds possible security solutions at a competitive price.

Safeguarding your Enterprise Application from Security Threat is Just a Click Away.