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Enhanced Security Testing Services to Safeguard Your Applications

At Testing Agency, we know the overall need for security testing in the present digital landscape. And these days cyber-attacks are growing rapidly and taking place frequently. And it's important for businesses that they take crucial steps to protect their applications from any unwanted external sources. Our team of experience provides end-to-end security testing solutions, which include Application Security Testing Services, and many more. We use various combinations of manual and automated testings strategies to mitigate risks.

Contact us today to find out about our services in detail and how we can safeguard and protect your applications from any sort of external threats.

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Security Testing Services We Offer

To find and fix holes in your systems, we provide thorough security testing services. To make sure your data and apps are protected, our Security Testing specialists will perform comprehensive assessments, scan for vulnerabilities, and replicate real-world attacks.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Our Vulnerability Assessment service assists to check and remove any sort of potential security weaknesses before it can be attacked by cyber attackers. We deliver enhanced reports on finding vulnerabilities and try to fix them.

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Penetration Testing

Our Penetration Testing service showcases a real-time attack situation where you can check for any sort of security defect that can be exploited by hackers. We utilize the combinations of automated and manual testing strategy to deliver a proper analysis of your security system.

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Web Application Testing

Our Web Application Testing service assists to check any sort of vulnerabilities in the web-based applications. The steps involve checking the functionality, overall performance, security and delivering usability of the application which can create hindrance that can impact the performance of any user.

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Mobile Application Testing

We deliver proper testing for mobile apps, delivering overall functionality, usability, and delivering security around various devices and platforms. Our services across process examination of app features, interface to deliver a smooth user experience.

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Network Security Testing

Our network security testing service delivers in-depth check and alleviation of possible threats and vulnerabilities. We check firewall configurations, invasion of detection systems, and overall network controls to seek defenses against cyber-attacks.

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Social Engineering Testing

We imitate social engineering attacks to find an organization's vulnerability to manipulation by malicious systems. Our process checks employee awareness and responds to overall techniques like phishing emails and pretexting calls.

Our Approach to Security Testing

At Testing Agency, we do understand the need for security testing to make sure that your applications work as per your expectations. And our team of expert professionals make sure to carry a comprehensive approach which include:


Requirement Analysis

We oversee your overall project and need to know the overall scope of the functional testing.


Test Planning

We create a test plan that incorporates test objectives, test cases, and test scenarios.


Test Design

We craft test cases depending upon the overall needs of the user and overall business logic.


Test Execution

We create test cases manually and incorporate automated testing tools.


Defect Reporting

We make sure to check for any defects that can be checked during the overall testing process.


Test Closure

We deliver a proper detailed report of the test results and needed recommendations for any sort of enhancements.

Popular Security Testing Tools

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Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP)

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Burp Suite

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Success Story

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E-Commerce Website Vulnerability Assessment 

A well-known online retailer frequently suffered from data breaches and consumer complaints over compromised accounts. Our security testing team performed a thorough vulnerability assessment that included code review and penetration testing.

Found serious security holes in the systems used for authentication, session management, and payment processing. Through fast remediation of these vulnerabilities, we improved customer trust and assisted the client in averting possible data breaches.

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Healthcare Application Penetration Testing

A healthcare organization faced regulatory compliance challenges due to security concerns in their patient management application. We performed rigorous penetration testing on their application, focusing on HIPAA compliance and data protection.

Uncovered vulnerabilities in data encryption practices, access controls, and user authentication. Our recommendations enabled the client to implement necessary security measures, ensuring compliance and safeguarding patient data.

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Financial Institution Security Audit

A leading financial institution sought to fortify its cybersecurity posture following industry-wide security breaches. Our team conducted a comprehensive security audit encompassing network infrastructure, data storage, and employee training protocols.

Identified critical gaps in firewall configurations, data backup procedures, and employee awareness. Our audit report facilitated strategic improvements in their security framework, strengthening defenses against potential cyber threats.

Industries We Cater

As a top-notch security testing company, we provide services in various industries like:

Energy and Mining  
Food and Beverages
Media & Entertainment   
Real Estate  
Professional Services

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Why Choose Us?

Choose us as your trusted security testing partner and get peace of mind that will be coming with enriched protection against cyber threats.

Extensive Industry Experience

Our group has extensive experience in many different sectors, such as e-commerce, healthcare, banking, and more. We can create specialized security testing solutions that adhere to industry-specific laws and best practices thanks to our extensive knowledge base.

Proven Results

We have a strong history of delivering impactful outcomes through our security testing services. Our case studies demonstrate how we've effectively identified and mitigated critical vulnerabilities, bolstering our clients' security posture.

Thorough Security Approach

We take a comprehensive approach to security testing, covering vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, code reviews, and more. This holistic methodology ensures thorough evaluation and fortification of all aspects of your system's security.

Personalized Solutions

Recognizing the unique nature of each client's security requirements, we collaborate closely to develop tailored solutions that address specific challenges and compliance needs.

Compliance Focus

Compliance is a central focus for us. Whether it involves HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, or other regulatory frameworks, our security testing services are designed to support and maintain your compliance efforts.

Clear, Actionable Reporting

We provide transparent, detailed reports that highlight vulnerabilities and offer actionable insights and recommendations for improvement. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge necessary to proactively enhance your security posture.

What our Clients Say

We were looking for a security testing company in India who can deliver us with the adequate project. They have an expert team who can provide solutions as per our needs. I really appreciate their efforts and overall work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Security testing means evaluating the software systems or applications to check any vulnerabilities and overall weaknesses that can potentially be shifted by malicious actors. It makes sure that they follow adequate security measures to protect against cyber threats.
Security testing is crucial to protect safeguard data, create overall customer trust, and safeguard against financial losses and overall reputational damage which can protect you against any sort of security breaches. It helps firms to check and seek vulnerabilities before they can be threatened by attackers.
We deliver a whole range of security testing services, which incorporate penetration testing, overall vulnerability assessment, code review, security audits, and security training. Our intact approach assists businesses to check and mitigate security risks around their systems and applications.
Security testing helps identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in your systems and applications, reducing the risk of data breaches, unauthorized access, and cyberattacks. It enhances your overall security posture and helps maintain regulatory compliance.