Simple to Complex Software Testing Challenges to View & Overcome

In the present era of technical advancements, traditional enterprises are transforming rapidly. The development of websites, software, and mobile apps has increased rapidly in the past decades. New technologies, innovative tools, and result-oriented functionalities are also rising at an exponential rate.

In the midst of all this, lies the need to regularly update apps and websites by performing regular QA testing and meet customer expectations. With constant advancements in technologies, the software testing process keeps evolving.

Especially in relation to the rapid advancements in technologies and updates, there have been rising software testing challenges for QA experts. Therefore, it is important for QA engineers to have a close look at the challenges and overcome them same to ensure fast and accurate testing.

In this blog, we let you come across few testing challenges faced on a regular basis. The list includes both manual and automation testing challenges that you will encounter here and then overcome the same.

Key Software Testing Challenges to Look Into

1. Cloud Integration & SaaS Model

Earlier software testing was confined within the limits of a single best application with few integrations. Now, the situation has come to an altogether change.

At present, several enterprises depend on SaaS-based or Cloud Integration models with having multiple systems connected with the app.

This requires the testing team to stay updated with the latest trends and integrations. They must be aware of the latest developments, prosses excellent communication, and interactive skills to effectively collaborate with internal and external teams.

2. Multiple Device Compatibility Issue

Today, there is a plethora of browsers and devices choices available which led to checking the compatibility of app or website among all. Again, it poses a real challenge for testing agents to conduct cross-browser testing.

Sometimes, it is also required for QA experts to test the application on multiple devices for which they need a lot of hardware and the latest versions of the testing platforms.

3. Agile Testing

The software testing industry has witnessed a quickly transitioned phase from Waterfall to Agile and now DevOps. Another challenging situation in the world of QA testing is to change the mind of testers who think that in the world of Agile and DevOps, testing engineers will no longer be needed.

Well, it’s not the case. The testing industry still requires the continuous contribution of testing agents to follow the agile methodology. It is related to breaking down the modules into smaller parts and test them effectively as per the desired objective of the enterprise.

4. UX/UI Testing

As you already know the fact that mobile application or website is accessed by users of different persona and interest. So, it requires attention as per the appealing feel and outlook of the design elements.

In normal circumstances, enterprise relies on creatively infused design teams to create attractive design aesthetics of the product and fail to give importance to functional testing.

As a result, the application or website fails to appeal to a large section of the audience. Thus, to overcome this

Additional Challenges

  • Regression Testing: It is challenging for testing agents when the project is on the stage of expansion and doing regression testing is difficult at the same time.
  • Missing Documentation: In some cases, testing misses out on a big deal on documenting the scope of functional & non-functional requirements after discussing with the client. It leads to missing out on the important aspects of testing.
  • Automation Testing: Sometimes, testers forget to make the maximum out of the automation testing technique where it can reduce the execution time of the project.
  • Compatibility Testing: One more challenge in front of the software testing team is lacking a good scope on compatibility testing. It is required to check the app’s efficiency on multiple operating systems of devices.


Software testing challenges are common to address by QA experts. What matters a lot is to overcome new and complex challenges with sound advice and viable solutions, like the ones mentioned above.

Also it is important to perform multiple set of software testing to remove irregularities and improve the efficiency of your web or mobile application. In this regard, the leading Software Testing company, TestingAgency is available to take care of diverse QA requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Software Testing?

Testing of your business software, website, and application is all about conducting a throughout functional, performance, load, and another testing to match its efficiency with your requirements.

It is essential to perform multiple tests on the application before the launch and also to remove all the possible errors and bugs inside.

2. Does Testing of the Application Ensures Business Growth?

If your website or application does not work well due to having several irregularities inside like slow speed, incapacity to take a load of several users at a time, bugs, or error, then how would it meet the customer requirements.

To meet the business objective of the enterprise depends on the application, it is important to conduct a series of software testing techniques.

3. How Much is the Price Estimation of Software Testing Service?

Testing of a mobile app, website, and software differs based on business requirements, objectives to achieve, and different types of testing available.

Furthermore, Once all these factors are considered and properly discuss between you and us, only then the estimated price of software testing will be shared.