How to Reduce QA & Software Testing Services Cost

Let’s straightaway get to the point. You are looking for software testing services for your enterprise application. And, that too in a cost-effective manner without spending much of your IT budget. Well, we have some important tips for you to cut down the QA Testing service cost and still maintain the quality of your application.

So, we let you go through important factors to look into and help you reduce your software testing cost.

Before we began, we take you through two real-life scenarios that compel you to plan the budget for QA.

Example 1

In one scenario, a company has an enterprise-level application newly developed from the hands of professional experts. Now, this company is looking forward to testing the internal features, resolve quick bug fixes and other technical issues of the application.

What they prefer is to let internal members of the organization access and test the application without hiring expert testing agents. They do this to save big on the testing service and need not bear the overhead cost.

So, enterprise members started using the application, test it simply, and the company made few changes and finally deployed it at the marketplace without technical fixes.

As a result, users of the company started facing load issues, speed issues, performance, and other technical glitches. The company started losing its trust among customers, user base starts declining, ROI falling, along with other negative consequences.

Example 2

In the second scenario, a company invested more than enough in several software QA resources and spend the cost which is more than expected. All the resources started testing the application, provide too many changes, bugs, and efforts. All of this made the application cluttered with too many features, unnecessary functionalities, and more.

As a result, the user base started declining the usage of the app, bounce rate increases, subscription level decreased, and the company bears a lot of customers and revenue loss.

In both scenarios, it is evident that software testing from an expert agency should not be neglected. And, budget property to test the functionalities, load, speed, performance, and issues of the app in a cost-effective manner.

Next, we began to discuss different ways to reduce software testing costs to an optimum level of extent.

Different Ways to Reduce Software Testing Cost

1. Set Software Testing Goals & Objectives

One of the reasons that software testing cost goes out of hands is because you wanted something else and the testing agency did something different. So, here the communication and project understanding clash arises that leads to higher spending on QA.

You need to avoid this.

At first, let the testing agents understand your requirements, expectations, software objective, and the overall goal of doing several tests. Only then, you as an enterprise and testing agency will be on the same page to perform strategic testing activities at a minimum. It also helps to avoid distractions, minimize the chances of testing strategy going out of the direction, and of course, increasing cost as well.

Clearly speaking, you as a business organization need to clarify few things before starting the application testing process.

* Expectations: Simply convey your software testing expectations to the testing team and let them perform the tasks that you want them to perform. It is important to stay clear with all your requirements from the team because only then they will do strategic work accordingly.

* Priorities: Set priorities well in advance before start testing your business application. Discuss with your testing team which part of the app should be tested first and accordingly create a plan to deliver things on a timely basis.

*Delivery: Set the delivery time, the format of the report, mode of testing results submission, and other related things.

* Communication: Last but not least is specify the mode of communication to discuss things with the testing team in a hassle-free manner.

2. Better Start Early

Another helpful tip to reduce your software development cost is to start the testing process at the time of development itself. The reason we are saying this is because when new features and functionalities are added to the app at the time of development can be tested simultaneously. It does not just help to reduce cost but also a great deal of time and effort.

It is a discovery fact that detecting bugs, errors, and irregularities in an application after release could be 30 times more expensive than earlier.

So, the best is to test your application at the time of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) as compared to later-stage testing.

3. Apply Test-Driven Development

One of the useful approaches to software development is Test-Driven Development (TDD). It is the approach in which unit tests are written before writing the code. TDD starts with writing unit test of small functionalities of the application and offers manifold benefits that are as follows:

* Reduce Software Development Cost: TDD helps to write high-quality codes, flexible architecture, and fewer bugs in the app. It covers 100% test coverage and fixes the irregularities and bugs during the development stages. So, automatically, when your app is ready, then it will be having fewer bugs and requires less time to test. And, ultimately save the cost on your part.

* Provides a Maintainable Codebase: TDD helps to maintain the quality of the code and overall architecture of the app. Thus, it simplifies the process of adding new features or modify the existing code.

* Prevent Bugs: The approach of TDD is inclined more towards preventing errors and bugs, rather than eliminating them after testing. The purpose of writing unit tests before coding is to cover the tests, identify potential issues in the beginning, and remove the same.

4. Go for Automation Testing

Another way to save on application testing is saving time by running automation testing. Discuss with your testing agency to implement automation in which code is written once and runs unlimited times.

Key Benefits of Automation Testing

* Improve software testing efficiency

* Reuse test cases to save time and efforts

* Run more tests to get a higher coverage

5. Do Implement Risk-Based Testing

It is a testing process that finds the risks associated with your testing project. Here are few ways such a test is performed.

1. It starts with prioritizing the risk that might affect the quality of the software.

2. Testing to remove the great risks.

3. Changing or adjusting the testing strategy


Final Note

Software testing is an important factor to maintain the quality of an application. Any kind of technical glitch or irregularity will have an adverse effect on the user experience and overall business. Thus, it is imperative to enable the testing of your business application within budget by getting in touch with a reliable software testing company like TestingAgency.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is There Any Hidden Cost of Software Testing Services?

Yes, there could be hidden costs involved in the software testing that you must be aware of. It could be for Learning, Maintenance, and Infrastructure cost. However, we do not have such kinds of costs involved and everything is transparent before the eyes of clients.

2. Can Software Testing Service Be Reduced?

Yes, you can reduce the cost involved in the software testing by following the mentioned ways like the following:

* Setting up your testing objectives

* Start software testing during SDLC

* Apply Test-Driven Development

* Automation Testing

* Implement Risk-Based Testing

3. What is the Actual Cost of Application Testing Service?

The estimated cost of software testing can only be decided after understanding all your requirements, objectives, risk factors, budget, and resources. Once all such things are considered, then the cost is decided.