Best Recommended & Popular Software Testing Books

Knowledge is the key to success. Software testing is a hardcore technical and practical field to identify errors, flaws, and irregularities with an application or software. Professional testers can build an upscale level of skills by referring to the popular software testing books we have enlisted today. The idea behind this is to move forward in terms of an enhanced set of testing and decision-making skills.

The business environment is rapidly changing due to continuous disruption in technologies and changing demands of customers. Reaching your product/service to the potential customer takes a lot than just creating a feature-rich website.

Deep-level testing is also required to find and remove the possible irregularities, flaws, errors, and bugs.

So, if you ready to test the business application of an enterprise, then before doing the same, refer to the popular software testing books for added skills and learnings.

Unlike the online medium which is easy to access by all, equally important is referring manual set of learnings to shape up your software testing skills to an optimum extent.

Here is the List Top 10 Software Testing Books you Can Refer to.

1. Buddha in Testing: Finding Peace in Chaos

This book was published in 2020, written by Mr. Pradeep Soundararajan, who himself is an extensive professional in software testing. This book has been well-explained, how to handle everyday software testing scenarios and getting the best out of them.

Software testing agents should refer to this book, talking more about creating a well-balanced approach to productive testing during chaotic situations. It also has concepts full of the feedback loop, its equations, and important parameters to consider in the testing world.

2. The Art of Software Testing, 3rd Edition

The Art of Software Testing, 3rd Edition is a classical and powerful successor of the earlier two editions, talking deeply about software testing concepts, languages, and tools.

This 3rd edition of the learning material has an unmatched belief in terms of a comprehensive display of time-proven software testing methods. It contains the information to enhance your techniques, strategic approach, and ways to an optimum extent.

3. Software Testing Paperback

There are instances that professional software testers come across a situation that testing is an invisible task and can be done by anyone.

Well, to break that false notion, the Software Testing Paperback book is here to boost morals and ignite the spirit of an in-depth software testing process to yield futuristic results.

This book talks impressively about pragmatic insight in the area of software testing and quality assurance. The reading also explains the essential processes and techniques to be used while testing an application or a website.

4. Penetration Testing: A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking

As the title of the book justifies, you can read this to dip deep inside the ethical hacking and penetration testing concepts. There is no doubt in the fact that to stop cyberattacks and perform productive penetration testing, you need several in-depth concepts, techniques, and security expertise. And, you can find everything in this book.

5. Software Testing: A Craftsman’s Approach, Fourth Edition

Written by Paul C. Jorgensen, this book is the fourth edition of the same spectacular series, talking specifically about the code-based structure and specification-based functional testing. Refer to this popular software testing reading material to learn concepts to go beyond the usual limits of unit testing. And, find several technical concepts to understand multiple levels of integration and system testing.

6. Foundations of Software Testing ISTQB Certification Paperback

You know the importance of being a certified software testing professional. Concerning this, ISTQB, an Edinburg-based organization awards certifications to professionals. Thus, you can refer to this book and prepare for different levels of certified software testing examination to further enhance your skills to an optimum extent.

The book contains detailed concepts about software testing techniques and methodologies. It also covers several mock tests, solutions, and a broad range of glossary.

7. Lessons Learned in Software Testing: A Context-Driven Approach

Learn from other people’s mistakes and innovations by referring to this detailed and concept-driven book. Written combinedly by a few leading software testing professionals, this book is about combined concepts of several professionals taking as a reference to apply in your testing techniques.

The book contains several lessons related to software testing followed by a detailed explanation that showcases the how, when, and why of a particular testing technique.

8. Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams

As the name implies, this book clearly defines agile testing and showcases several examples of the tester’s role with the agile teams.

In this competitive sphere of the business ecosystem, it is important for software testers to adopt agile methods, tools, and ways to stay productive and progressive. Concerning this, the book explains Agile testing quadrants, 7 key factors of successful agile testing, and assists in completing all the activities.

9. A Practitioner’s Guide to Software Test Design

Get a comprehensive overview and detailed knowledge about software test design from this book. It presents all the test designs and techniques in a clear format that lets you perform a cost-effective testing technique on a client’s software.

There are several case studies and examples mentioned in the book to swiftly understand all testing techniques. Most importantly, it is a must-have handbook for testing engineers, quality assurance professionals, developers, and system analysts.

10. Software Test Automation: Effective Use of Test Execution Tools

This book primarily talks more about automation testing, techniques, and several concepts. It highlights the principles of a productive automation script and showcases the comparison between the good and the bad script. Also, you get to learn more about the different types of test should be automated and how to choose the right test automation tools for maximum efficiency.

Final Note

There are a plethora of deep-rooted and popular software testing books available for testers to grab an additional set of knowledge. The list is not confined to the above only. There is more to it. The primary reason is to add a more detailed approach to professional software testing skills and drive the best outcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Software Testing?

Testing of software simply refers to checking the efficiency, functionality, operating speed, load, and usability. In any case, there is an error or bug inside the working application, software testing technique helps to eliminate the same and it works efficiently to meet the enterprise’s purpose.

2. What are the Different Types of Software Testing Available?

There are different types of software testing techniques available like the following:

* Functional Testing

* System Testing

* Regression Testing

* Stress Testing

* Load Testing

* Integration Testing

* Compatibility Testing

* Usability Testing

* Security Testing

And, the list goes on.

3. What is the Cost of Software Testing Service?

The exact price estimation of a software testing service mainly depends on the type of testing, size of the application, any complexity, and the required resources required for the task. All such factors are taken into consideration by a software testing company to decide the charges.