Know the Common Types of Software Bugs to Improve Testing Process

Software testing is an evitable part of the process that ensures error-free application devoid of any irregularity. By taking the help of experienced software developers, you follow strategic testing of the application comprising of both manual and automation testing techniques. But what if, despite all the efforts to identify and remove bugs from the software, still there exists unidentified errors? In a situation like this, it would be difficult and time-consuming to again rectify and eliminate bugs inside the app. Therefore, it is better to be prepared well in advance before facing the challenging issue of resolving errors at a later stage. Thus, to help you aware of the situation, we have gathered a list of common software bugs. The mentioned bugs can be encountered during the software development process and eliminated at an earlier stage to avoid any kind of discrepancy.

List of 6 Most Common Software Bugs

1. Logical Bugs

Logical bugs make the software behave and work in an inappropriate manner as compared with the expected way. Such types of bugs can result in unexpected software behavior and sometimes call for sudden crashes.

The primary reason for logical bugs to happen with your software is due to poorly written code or misinterpretation of the business logic. Following are the examples of logical bugs for you:

* Assigning value to the wrong variable.

* Divide the two numbers instead of adding them together.

2. Functional Bugs

As the name implies, functional bugs disrupt the functionality of your business website or application. For example, if you click on the Login button, then nothing happens. Another example is if you add the products to the cart and the app fails to add the same, then again it is a functional error. Therefore, it will be important for you to rely on an end-to-end functional testing approach to avoid any kind of error like this.

Such errors happen to the application due to any reason, without finding a specific cause of it. Although, functional errors are often detected at the time of performing functional testing. Still, there is a chance to miss a few of them.

3. Unit Level Bugs

One of the common types of software bugs to encounter is unit-level bugs. It happens, when small batches of the code do not function properly as expected. These are best to rectify at the early stage of software development and can be isolated easily by developers.

An effective way to rectify unit-level bugs on your application is to first open the single-page form. If the page accepts all the inputs in the blank field and takes necessary action ahead, then there are no unit level bugs inspired. However, if it fails to do the same, then developers encountered such bugs.

4. Workflow Bugs

Workflow bugs are more associated with finding errors in the seamless navigation flow of the application. It is from the user’s point of view in which developers find a specific action does not take place.

For example, when a user fills the form on your website by entering personal details, and then save, submit & exit it. If, the form exit away without saving your data, then it is said to be a workflow error.

5. System-Level Integration Bugs

System-level integration bugs happen when two or more components of your application fail to interact with each other. It happens when different developers have written the code for different features. Thus, it makes bug tracking and fixing quite difficult because developers have to check a large chunk of code.

One of the common examples of system-level integration bugs is inappropriate interfacing, memory overflow, and more.

Additional Errors

* Type Errors: Missing letter or a punctuation mark happens when there was a typo mistake during the coding process.

* Calculation Error: Miscalculation of the values on the website or app. Mostly happens with the loan calculator. It is an error that can bring adverse effects on the reliability of your website.

* Missing Command: This kind of error happens when an expected action does not take place. For example, if a customer after adding the products to the cart and appear on the final checkout page, wants to abandon the transaction and fail to cancel the same.

* Hardware Usage Error: The error occurs when your application or software is being accessed on the wrong device or in an unadjusted environment.

* Control Flow Error: A common error when an application fails to create a flow of the task. Users face the issue with an application that prevents occurring to the next stage of activity and is stuck on the previous step.


Software development flaws can sometimes become more costly for enterprises as compared to the total price of development. No matter, how hard one tries, little errors or bugs are left behind in the application to disrupt the functionality and user experience. Thus, it is important to know all the possible bugs and remove the same on time to maintain the application’s performance consistency. Get more clarity of your application by availing end-to-end software testing services from a pioneer company like TestingAgency.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can All the Bugs be Identified Before Software Testing?

No, bugs and errors can be of any kind that could enter your business application unexpectedly. Experience software developers can rectify the common and possible errors at the early stage of development and eliminate the same. Still, you never know the irregularities appear at the time of accessing the same.

2. Do I Require a Tester to Do Automation Testing?

Yes, you need to have the support of an experienced and certified software tester to do strategic automation testing. An expert will help you eliminate the above-mentioned bugs along with other possible irregularities.

3. What Price Do I Have to Pay for the Application Testing Service?

The price mainly depends on the application’s features, complexity, number of errors, possible timeline, and resources. Once we understand your requirements and create a strategic software plan, then the price factor will be shared accordingly.