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Healthcare Software Testing Services

Testing Healthcare applications have of utmost importance to maintain interoperability, end-user technology, patient’s data, and regulatory compliance. Provide seamless patient care services while having an increasing dependency on digital solutions and incorporate a result-driven application testing approach to find & fix irregularities of any kind.

We at TestingAgency as a prominent Healthcare domain testing company. Here, we deliver a superior level of life-science software testing services for a plethora of players including hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment manufacturers, diagnostic centers, healthcare ISVs, clinical labs, and more.

Here, we have a team of experienced testing agents having deep expertise in performing QA Healthcare software testing to analyze and measure the functionality, capability, and usability of an app or website.

With us, ensure the maximum accessibility and usage of life-sciences software to meet diverse patient’s requirements. In a way, we help you increase loading speed, remove internal bugs, improve UX, and fix loopholes after a strategic software testing implementation.

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Different Types of Healthcare IT Software Testing Services

We offer extensive healthcare software application testing services to meet the diverse requirements of customers at all levels.

Automation Testing

Offering a comprehensive range of functional testing solutions for life-sciences apps on the web, desktop, and mobile. Our testing engineers perform the practice of automation testing including advisory/consulting services.

Manual Validation & Testing

Using Agile methodology to manually test healthcare software. Using the potential of human logic and interference, we define generic test scenarios and fix up the issues quickly. Furthermore, experts use varied tools including Appium, SE, Jmeter, Postman, Github, and more.

Warehouse Testing

related to data movement validation, transformation, loading validation, database scheme validation, service monitoring, and more. Also, we perform warehouse database management assistance for backup & recovery.

Mobile Testing

Testing healthcare mobile apps across different platforms including Android and iOS. Using the advanced Cloud-based tools to rectify loading speed, underlying errors, weakness, and irregularities inside mobile applications.

Cloud Testing

A complete round of healthcare application testing support on Cloud. Our experienced team conducts verification of data accuracy on accounts of Cloud Migration, validate data migration, and test different services for the client.

Why Choose Us?

We cater to software testing for the healthcare domain to increase productivity and accuracy competence.

  • Deep knowledge of industry-specific requirements
  • Extensive team of expert Business Analysts, Project Managers, & testing experts
  • Cost-effective software testing solutions
  • Customized testing methodology and open communication
  • Fast turnaround time service with 100% accuracy
  • Dedicated team working as per client’s time zones
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Frequently Asked Questions
Testing healthcare domain software is all about checking, analyzing, and measuring the accuracy of functionalities and features. Only expert software testing engineers of TestingAgency have hands-on experience in identifying and rectifying system flaws and weaknesses. Under the process, strategic test cases are prepared and the final report is shared with the client.
The cost differs as per the requirement of a business organization. Since there are different types of healthcare application testing services are available. So, deciding the price is based on the customized solutions asked by the client. Here at TestingAgency, we are a leading software testing experts, offering cost-effective nature of services for a diverse range of customers.
Broadly classifying, we offer testing services like Usability testing, Performance testing, Shift-Left Cyber QA testing, Compliance testing, Load testing, Verification & Validation testing, and ERP Testing.

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