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Introduction to Our Accessibility Mission

A key component of ethical design, as well as a legal necessity, is making sure that your digital products are accessible to everyone. We can help you achieve this inclusivity and accessibility standard in compliance with our Accessibility Testing Services.

We recognize the value of developing digital experiences that everybody regardless of their ability or disability can use and enjoy. To evaluate the accessibility of your websites, apps and digital content, our team of skilled accessibility testers makes sure of industry standard tools and techniques.

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Website Accessibility Testing

Digital communication frequently requires the use of documents like Word, PDF and PowerPoint files. Our document accessibility testing services make sure that people with impairments such as those using screen readers or other assistive technology can access your content.

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Mobile App Accessibility Testing

It is critical to make sure that your mobile applications are usable by people of all abilities, given the growing dependence on mobile devices. In order to provide a flawless user experience for every user, our mobile app accessibility testing services assist you in locating and fixing accessibility issues across various mobile platforms.

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Unit Regression Testing

By incorporating the unit regression testing, the team executes it throughout the unit testing phase, this way we test the related code as a single unit. Where it has a close and attentive approach, tough interactions and dependencies are away from the unit of code in the loop are temporarily blocked.

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Ecommerce Accessibility Testing

E-commerce websites are transactional in nature and have complicated interfaces, they pose special accessibility issues. With the support of our e-commerce accessibility testing services, you can make online shopping inclusive for all users, guaranteeing freedom in browsing, searching and completing purchases.

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Third-Party Vendor Accessibility Testing

A lot of businesses depend on third-party providers for certain aspects of their digital infrastructure. In order to make sure that third-party tools, widgets and integration fulfill your accessibility criteria and do not impose accessible barriers, you can evaluate their accessibility with the aid of third-party vendor accessibility testing services.

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Accessibility Training and Consultation

Your team will get knowledge and skills required to build accessible digital products with the help of our accessibility training and consulting services. To assist with your accessibility activities, we offer specialized training sessions and continuous assistance.

Our Approach to Accessibility Testing

We are committed to inclusivity, usability and compliance with industry standards, which is the foundation of our accessibility testing methodology. To guarantee that your digital products are accessible by users of all abilities, we go for a structured approach as follows:

Understanding Your Needs

We start by thoroughly analyzing your project needs, target market and accessibility objectives. This enables us to customize our testing strategy to your unique requirements and goals.

Comprehensive Assessment

Our skilled accessibility testers carry out thorough evaluations of all of your digital projects such as e-commerce sites, mobile apps, webpages and documents. We access a range of accessibility factors including forms, multimedia, transactional procedures, navigation and content organization.

Multi-Platform Testing

We evaluate accessibility on a variety of platforms and gadgets to guarantee that every user, no matter what device they use to access your software, it gives a consistent and a flawless experience.

Assistive Technology Compatibility

We test your software using a variety of assistive devices, including voice recognition software, magnifiers and screen readers. This aids in comprehension of how people with disabilities utilize your digital products and help us spot any incompatibilities.

Manual and Automated Testing

We leverage a mix of manual and automated testing methodologies that guarantee comprehensive coverage and precision in our evaluations. While automated technologies are helpful in quickly identifying typical accessibility issues, manual testing enables us to find more errors that automated scans might miss.

Collaborative Feedback

We stay in constant touch with your team during the testing process, sending out updates and useful criticism of accessibility problems that are found. By working together, you can make sure that accessibility factors are smoothly incorporated into your development process.

Remediation Guidance

We offer thorough instructions and remedial solutions in addition to detecting accessibility issues. Our aim is to provide your staff with the skills and tools necessary to handle accessibility concerns and promote an accessible culture inside the organization.

Ongoing Support

Our team assists you in reaching your accessibility objectives whether you are starting a new project or want to make an existing one more accessible. We at our Accessibility Testing company offer continuous assistance and direction.

Success Stories

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Enhancing User Experience for a Global Retailer with Accessibility Testing

An international retailer collaborated with us to make their e-commerce platform more accessible. Our experts found multiple accessibility obstacles that were impeding individuals with disabilities from purchasing online by doing extensive website accessibility testing.

We resolved these problems and put accessibility improvements into place by working directly with their development team and offering corrective instructions.

As a result, the business experienced a notable rise in customer satisfaction scores, more engagement and enhanced reputation for their dedication to diversity.

case story

Enhancing Mobile App Quality with QA Automation Testing Services

A government organization came to us for help ensuring their websites and digital documents complied with accessibility guidelines and standards. Our accessibility testing services find non-compliant locations and offer thorough solutions.

In order to increase awareness and develop internal capacity for accessibility, we also conducted training workshops for their employees.

Our cooperation led to achieving accessibility compliance, which improved their ability to serve all individuals and showed their dedication to diversity and accessibility.

Why Partner with us?

Testing Agency is committed to developing digital experiences that are inclusive and equitable for all users and we recognize that accessibility is more than just a checkbox. Here’s why you ought to choose us for any accessibility testing requirements:


Every project benefits from the years of experience and knowledge that our team of accessibility professionals bring to the table. We make sure that your digital goals satisfy the greatest degree of accessibility by keeping up with the most recent accessibility standards, guidelines and best practices.

Comprehensive Approach

When it comes to accessibility testing, we cover a wide range of media including e-commerce platforms, documents, mobile apps and websites. Our comprehensive evaluations cover every detail to guarantee that your digital products are usable by people of all skill levels.

Client-Centric Focus

Our first goal is making sure you’re satisfied. We collaborate closely with you to fully grasp your unique requirements, objectives and difficulties in order to customize our services. With the client-centric approach, we are always available to support you and offer customized solutions.

Proven Track Record

We’ve successfully assisted businesses of all sizes and sectors in achieving accessibility compliance and developing inclusive digital experiences. The caliber of our work and its beneficial effects on their enterprises are attested to by our happy clients.

Ongoing Support

Our Accessibility Testing Company is here to assist you at every stage of your path towards accessibility. Our team will help, no matter what kind of support or direction you require to succeed.

Commitment to Inclusivity

We have a strong commitment to building a more diverse digital environment. We are committed to assisting organizations like yours in realizing their vision of equal access to internet information and services for all people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The process of accessing digital products such as websites and mobile applications to make sure individuals with impairments can use them, is accessibility testing. It’s significant because it guarantees that everyone can independently and successfully access and interact with digital content, irrespective of their ability.
The accessibility testing services are beneficial to everyone who develops or overseas digital products. This covers companies, governmental bodies, academic institutions and non-profit groups. In addition to being required by law, ensuring accessibility is both a moral responsibility and a wise business decision.
There may be severe repercussions if accessibility testing is ignored. Legal ramifications, reputational harm and most importantly preventing users with impairments from using our digital products could result in it. You run the risk of losing out on important possible interactions and offending a significant proportion of your audience if you ignore accessibility.
Throughout the course of developing your digital products, accessibility testing has to be a continuous procedure. Maintaining accessibility standards and ensuring that new features and upgrades don’t create new barriers to accessibility is a continuous effort rather than one-time operation. An inclusive digital environment must be maintained with frequent testing and audits.

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