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Mobile devices have completely transformed the way business is operated in recent times and have had a deep impact on human lives. With the number of mobile devices growing at a rapid pace, making your application mobile-ready is very important to keep today’s digital consumers retained. Across enterprises of all sizes, mobile apps have boosted business operations and customer services. But with the variety of platforms, devices and networks, there is significant need for mobile testing services.

AWe are helping our clients build mobile apps with unique features, amazing quality, and flawless effectiveness, all within budget. We, as one of the top-rated mobile testing company, offer a wide range of mobile app testing services for diverse operating systems & platforms. Using our robust testing frameworks & remarkable strategies, we deliver mobile applications that deliver unmatchable user experience & meet client’s different business needs.

Our End-to-End Mobile App Testing Services

We have a team of highly qualified & experienced testers, who work to meet client’s requirements to ensure best mobile testing solutions are provided. Our testing team has skills to test various mobile apps, including iOS & Android apps. We test applications on real devices using different quality tools, emulators, & simulators. We offer different testing services

Usability testing
Usability testing

Our testing team will ensure that your app has a user-friendly UI, key functions and engaging UX, for user retention. As a part of UX testing, our testing team also performs usability testing to ensure that the application is handy and smooth for the target audience.

Mobile functional testing
Mobile functional testing

No matter a mobile app is attractive and engaging, users will abandon it if it lacks functionality or doesn’t’ work as expected. Our testing team will ensure that the app, including backend functionality, meets the users’ needs to the fullest.

Mobile performance testing
Mobile performance testing

Our mobile testing team will address stress, load, and scalability of the mobile app. Large applications like banking apps, mobile e-stores, multiplayer games, and messaging games cater maximum users and its performance is very important.

Mobile compatibility testing
Mobile compatibility testing

To lower the number of unhappy users, mobile apps should work hassle free on target devices and in the relevant operating systems and mobile browsers. Our professionals will make sure the mobile app provides an engaging UX in all the cases above.

Mobile security testing
Mobile security testing

Mobile apps are vulnerable to online threats, which lead to business losses. Our team will perform penetration & security testing to identify security loopholes of the app and provide crucial recommendations. For large applications, our team will also ensure the server side security.

Automated testing
Automated testing

We apply data-driven approach to test automation for functional, and performance testing. We also carry out backend testing for delivering high-quality and efficient mobile app, for timely release.

Our Testing Approach

Studying project requirements

Our mobile testing team will study the project requirements and analyze the loopholes.

Planning the process

Mobile devices come in different specifications, and it’s simply impossible to test the app on all of them. To address such situation, we choose the mobile devices depending on the requirements and target region.

Designing test cases

The mobile testing team drafts test cases and test suites.


Our mobile testing team performs different testing techniques and reports the bugs to the development team.

Analyzing test results

The mobile testing team analyzes the data and test reports throughout the given cycle.

Why Choose Us for Mobile App Testing Services?
  • Mobile testing services across all domains.
  • Creating a comprehensive test planning for optimized testing.
  • Solutions and different tools for accelerating the testing.
  • Fully equipped mobile testing lab for comprehensive testing solutions.
  • Testing mobile applications across a diversity of OS and handsets.
  • Experience with all frameworks and tools for functional testing, security testing, and test automation.
  • Complete backup of data with 24*7 support service.
  • In each stage, you will be in complete control of the testing process and have a complete view of our work process. We are able to follow any reporting approach you choose.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Mobile testing tests an application which is developed for handheld mobile devices. It includes usability, functionality, and consistency testing. Mobile testing can be performed in manual and automated manner.
Mobile testing enables business enterprises to build scalable apps which are accessible across multiple platforms. This is important because customers access the apps through a variety of devices and platforms.
Testing the performance of the mobile app is crucial to protect the revenue and boost brand awareness. If the performance of the app is below par, it is impossible to retain the user and the abandonment rate of the app will be quite high.

The different types of mobile testing are:

  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Installation testing
  • Usability testing
  • Memory leakage testing
  • Operational testing
  • Interrupt testing

Make your mobile app unique & engaging with our professional mobile app testing services.